I have decided to post an update on my effort to be a suburban missionary. Heather and I have talked at length about having a block party for our neighbors to get to know them all better but expressly to open the door to share the gospel. Well, I am unfortunately one of those people who will sometimes just talk and never do. Well this past weekend we started to do. We invited a few neighbors that we already have contact with and a few we really don’t.

It was a great success. We had 25 people over, two of which we didn’t know (It is really a party when people show up that you don’t know). We were able to really get to know a few of our neighbors that had hadn’t really talked to before.

There was even an opportunity to talk a little about the Gospel but that door wasn’t as open as I wished, but the opportunity is at least there.

I pray God will grant me the wisdom to proclaim the good news of his son to those who don’t know about it, or have been misinformed. I pray opportunities continue to arise so that he may be glorified. Please pray with me.