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Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged

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Started reading:
24th January 2008
Finished reading:
12th March 2008


Rating: 8

This book is a classic, and I greatly enjoyed it although I must say it is far to great in length. Weighing in at over 1000 pages it was quite daunting.

Atlas Shrugged is the story of where I believe the United States is heading, with our perpetual tendency to punish production and reward sloth for the sake of a vote. It is the story of the producers of the nation who go on strike because they are sick of having the fruits of their labor seized in the name of the ‘people’ who did nothing to earn it, but to have a need of it.

The author, Ayn Rand, keeps her objectivism philosophy hidden until the three hour speech given by one of the characters (written in real time) where the character explains here belief that human being do not suffer form an original sin or an evil nature, but are good by default in most cases.

It is interesting that I can agree with her political ends but disagree wholeheartedly with her means of arriving at those ends. Over all the book was a great story, with well developed characters, and wonderful story arcs. The only reason I could find to lower my rating was it’s sheer length and the long portion of having her personal philosophy forced down my throat, although it was at least done in the context of story.