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Studies in Words (Canto)

By C. S. Lewis

Studies in Words (Canto)

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Started reading:
20th February 2008
Finished reading:
25th February 2008


Rating: 6

I have just begun this word and am scarcely though the introduction however I already feel that it is well worth my time and money. I have had to look up eight words thus far which has helped me to expand my vocabulary on top of what I am actually learning from the subject matter.

Unfortunately, I have skipped to the conclusion of this book most of the chapters are actually etymology studies on various words and I am not interested in that granular of a linguistic study at this time. I was very interested in CS Lewis’ grasp of language. I consistently admire his precision with the English language. This book explains, in many ways why he is thus gifted.

I had to give it a lower rating because I believe the main chapters warranted it but if I were just to rate the introduction and the conclusion I would give it an 8.