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Pagan Christianity

I have finally gotten my hands on a copy of “Pagan Christianity” by George Barna and Frank Viola and I wanted to review it.  Read the rest of this entry

Thanks Gary

Gary GygaxYesterday Gary Gygax passed away at the age of 69. Most of you probably won’t have a clue who he is but to the geeks; he is a hero. To some of you, after you find out who he is, you may think he is the devil’s own son, but you are wrong and ignorant.

Gary Gygax is the man who wrote the book, litteraly, on Dungeons and Dragons. He invented the game and wrote the first Player’s handbook and Dungeons master’s guide. His invention kept me sane in highschool and continues to give pleasure to my life today.

A buddy of mine won the chance to play with him and said he is one the the nicest guys he had ever met. I just wanted to tip my hat to the man.

Those of you who do know him may apprecite this tribute from order of the stick.

Photo by  Alan De Smet

Friday Vids: Starwars girl

In keeping with the Friday entertainment schedule I came upon this video and it just made me smile thinking about my own little girl. This little girl is so cute. I thought I would show this to brighten up your day.

Ok, I thought this was funny enough to post. If you have dial up you may not be able to download some of the images. If you click on the images you will be able to see the entire thing, I realize some of them have been cut off, I am to lazy to fix them.


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I am not a huge hockey fan but I love going to see the Jackets. This is being called “The Goal of the Year” by ESPN

Book Recommendations

BookshelfIf you haven’t looked before please take a look at my bookshelf located to the right of your screen. I am trying to get a few more books for the year and I am looking for recommendations from you, yes you.

I have a good deal of books on my shelf this so far ready to be read, but I would like to mix it up a bit. Most of the books I have to read now are theological in nature and I need a variety.

So please if you have a good book of any type, fiction, non-fiction, religious, sci-fi, classic post a comment below. If you can include the full title and the author that would be great, if you can actually put the amazon link in that would be even better. Thanks in advance and watch my book shelf to see which ones I have selected to read.

Redeeming Time

Many of us have time that is wasted, like the drive to work sitting and waiting for something. I have done my best to redeem this time by always having a book with me to read (while waiting not driving) and now I have really grabbed onto the idea of podcasts to help me out. I listed to several on a regular basis, while I work, while I drive, before I sleep, while I do chores around the house.

If you don’t know what a podcast is you can read about it here on Wikipedia. But the short of it is a Podcast is a series of audio files that you can subscribe with the right software, which will be automatically loaded to you listening device ie iPod. Heather and I got an iPod video for our family for Christmas last year and I think it is the best investment we have ever made. Here are a list of good podcasts I have found maybe you will find them helpful as well:

  • — is a Missional Theology Cooperative. This podcast is funded and lead by Mars Hill Seattle, if you are interested in theology or Christianity then this is a great place to visit and an essential podcast to have.
  • — Mars Hill is a great church in Seattle it is cutting edge without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their teaching Pastor is a little rough around the edges (many people find him offensive) but he is a great teacher.
  • — This is the bible in a year every day on your iPod. What else do I need to say?
  • — This one is strictly for gamers but if you are a gamer you have to hear this.
  • Podiobooks — While not a single podcast this site supports authors in their effort to get their work out, you can download serialized books a chapter at a time or all at once if the book is finished. I have found some to good and some to be bad.